Company Background

142286531The partners at the Soza Clinic began the journey in 2011 when several physicians, healthcare providers, socially conscious entrepreneurs, family members, and life long friends came together to offer services and products that changed lives. They developed various methods that eventually became the Soza Clinic we know today. The presence of board certified doctors and motivated health centered partners led to the “All Natural ” mantra that was to become the Soza Clinic philosophy. The company went through a name change and rebranding phase to then eventually arrive at the current trademarked name. The name was derived from both Ancient Greek and Modern Greek words. The word Soza was derived from the Ancient Greek translation of “whole” (Soza) meaning complete, healed, prosperous and redeemed. “Whole” also means experiencing all the positive emotions such as love, peace and joy, and being in a constant state of thankfulness. Wholeness is freedom from worry and stress even in the midst of trials and tribulations. The Modern Greek derivation comes from the translation of Sozo which is to save. At Soza, we believe in empowering people’s present and futures. We are saving people’s current health and future wellness!

We believe that life is full of experiences that make us who we are. But at the center of that experience is our HEALTH! The word Soza thus encompasses the journey of life centered around our health. We are able to achieve this by losing weight and using supplements to maximize our health, with all natural methods.

The board certified physicians on staff keep us at the forefront of technology and advances in medicine, while the holistic members of the team keep us on the track of using non processed, non synthetic, non harmful, and all natural methods.

We learned from our past, accept our present, and look forward to the future. We believe that we are capable of changing lives to live a better, wholesome, healthy Soza Life!

We believe All Natural, Weight Loss is the Future!