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Tax Deductible Weight Loss

Did you know that tax deductible weight loss programs exist? Soza weight loss clinics in the Philadelphia area and South Jersey offer weight loss programs that may be tax deductible on your federal return.

“The IRS will allow people who are diagnosed by a physician as being obese to deduct the costs of the services in this [weight reduction] program. The revenue ruling, IR 2002-19, approves the fees related to services (i.e., medical services and nutritional education meetings) when they are occurring for medically valid reasons….” The IRS does not allow you to deduct the cost of special diet foods, if any, since the regular foods they replace are not tax-deductible.

So enroll in a weight loss program at Soza clinics today. We have six clinics in the Delaware Valley to serve our clients including:

  • Soza Center City Philadelphia (Rittenhouse) Weight Loss Clinic
  • Soza Northeast Philadelphia Weight Loss Clinic
  • Soza King of Prussia Weight Loss Clinic
  • Soza Warrington Weight Loss Clinic
  • Soza Cherry Hill Weight Loss Clinic
  • Soza Washington Township Weight Loss Clinic