Teleconference Weight Loss Program

teleTeleconference Weight Loss Services

We at the Soza Clinic understand the busy lifestyles people have and the difficulty that brings in maintaining a healthy weight and overall health. We have combined our services with SenaCare of Philadelphia, one of the industry pioneers in telemedicine. Unlike many companies that claim to do telemedicine, the SenaCare and their health care providers have been seeing clients worldwide for years. Their experience ensures that we provide the best services to clients on the Soza Protocol.

How it Works

After clients come in for their initial evaluation, they can be seen by our physicians and/or counselors via a telemedicine encounter wherever they are located. So the patient can log on from their phones, iPads, tablet PC’s, or computers using a camera to communicate with our weight loss specialists. You don’t have to leave work or the comfort of your home to ask your questions or get guidance from our counselors. We make sure you are following the correct methods to ensure the most success possible. We keep track of your weight and measurements this way, and it allows for our physicians to examine you as well.

We have incorporated traditional healthcare and weight loss methods with state of the art modern technology to make it easier for our clients to maintain their lifestyle and achieve their weight loss and wellness goals.

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Soza Clinic and SenaCare are with you every step of the way!